Best Student Blog Posts of the Year

As the year draws to a close I think it’s important to recognise the work of all the students in 5/6C this year. For all of them it was their first time blogging – sharing their thoughts, opinions and work samples with the world. It was a rewarding experience as they saw the power of global connections and began to realise their work was being read and judged on an international scale. So, to celebrate their achievements, I’ve put together a flipbook of some of their best posts from the year. Enjoy!


Edublog Awards 2013 – We’re nominated!


5/6C are very excited that they’ve been nominated and selected to proceed through to the voting round of the award competition. We are exceptionally proud to also have 6, yes 6, student blogs also nominated and through to the voting round! It just goes to show how motivated our class is to learn and the influence they’ve had on others around the world.

Now we’d love for you to vote for us! This year in the Edublog awards you can vote for a blog or student only once, but you can also put a vote in for multiple blogs or students in a category. So we would love it if you could put in a vote for our class blog and each of our student blogs. All you have to do is click on the big thumb icon on the left of the thumbnail w to submit your vote. You can log in to Listly with a Facebook, Twitter or Google (gmail) account or create a new Listly account.

Thank you! Good luck to all nominees!

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Category: Best Educational use of Wiki
This term we were also involved in the outstanding Travelling Rhinos project. We loved having Lesedi visit our class and as well as learning a lot abour rhinoceroses and the threat of extinction they are facing, we raised a lot of money to donate to the cause. We would love to thank Karen Stadler for her enormous efforts in coordinating this global project and letting us be a small part of it. Please vote for the Save our Rhinos wiki!


You can vote in other categories too by visiting this page:

Charity Day

Each year our school organises a Charity Day. In the lead up to the event students bring in donations – used toys, books, DVDs, goods, lollies, chocolates, nail polish and coloured hair spray. On the day students buy stars with their cash and then use the stars to purchase their goods and services. This year students could have their nails painted, hair coloured, face painted, buy books/DVDs/CDs, second hand goods, bubbles, buy a sausage sandwich, buy a keyring to support the rhinos, participate in a chocolate walk game, visit the haunted maze or join in a disco. They had a fabulous time and helped raise a lot of money that our student leaders will now decide which charities to donate it too. We already know that we will be making a donation to a Save the Rhinos fund from the sale of our keyrings.

Check out the photos below.

Edublog Awards 2013 – Nominations

We in 5/6C love to blog. This year we’ve had many amazing opportunities to connect with other students all around the world, through our blog, Edmodo and Skype. We’d like to acknowledge all of the schools and students we’ve connected with this year and nominate some of the exceptional work happening in our schools (We wish we could nominate more than one for each category!)

  • Best individual blog –
    Love Lisa Johnson’s site ‘Tech Chef 4 U’ There’s always great ideas, she acknowledges all her sources and only shares quality ideas and resources. I especially love her geeky jewellery collection too!
  • Best class blog –
    This is the blog of S1/2W at Cardiff North Public School, the work of their amazing teacher, Mrs Steph Westwood. I know for a fact that teachers all over the world visit it reguarly to see what amazing things are happening in their classroom and then try out those ideas in their own classrooms. Simply inspirational!
  • Best student blog –
    This is one of my student’s blogs. It was so hard to select one nomination as I am extremely proud of every single student in my class and their efforts in maintaining their blog as well as commenting on other student blogs. Hannah’s blog has been nominated though as she has get it updated on a regular basis all year. You can also see real growth in her blogging skills as she undertook the Student Blogging Challenge twice this year which has helped her understand what a good blog post should have and as a result you will see many differnet visuals and interacties to accompany her posts. Great job, Hannah!
  • Best ed tech / resource sharing blog –¬†
    This is the find of 2013 – during my ISTE trip!. Greg Tang is amazingly clever and an inspirational speaker and his site just gives and gives and gives! Free maths resources, interactive books, game after game, all in printable format as well as interactive format. My kids ADORE Kakooma!
  • Best library / librarian blog –
    Gwyneth Jones’ blog continues to amaze me with the fabulous ideas and wonderful resources which are shared for free! Love it!
  • Best free web tool – Edmodo
    A fantastic social networking platform perfect for youg students to learn how to communicate and connect with others in a safe and meanigful way. This is the third year I’ve used Edmodo with my classes and it continues to be a very popular way of connecting with classmates, new friends on a global basis and submit assignments and ask questions about homework.
  • Best educational use of audio / video / visual /¬†podcast –
    This is my go to site for unbelievable videos, visuals and audio to engage my students in visual literacy. Great resources, well supported by detailed lesson ideas!
  • Best educational wiki –
    An unbelievable global project that my students have been involved in this year. Karen Stadler (@ICT_Integrator) puts in an amazing effort to raise awareness of the plight of the rhinoceros on a global scale. Students have the opportunity to connect with each other through the travelling rhinos project, learn about the rhinoceros and what we can do to help and learn how they are individuals can help raise awareness of a global issue. My students thoroughly enjoyed being part of the project and are still continuing their fundraising efforts long after Lesedi (our visiting toy rhino) has moved on.
  • Best mobile app – Strip Designer
    So many to choose from here, but I’ve selected Strip Designer simply because of how easy it is to use and its versatility. It can be used in any KLA in a multitude of ways and my students keep going back to it just for fun!

Sand Modelling – Save the Rhinos!

Today we headed down to the beach to enjoy some time sand modelling. We had to design a sculpture to raise awareness about the plight of the rhino. It was great to see a variety of designs and I was extremely impressed with how well the students worked as a team. We had a number of onlookers throughout the day and when I went back about 4 hours later the rhinos were still there – sending out their message! I’ve collated the photos from the day in an Animoto but as the design tends to blur the photos somewhat I’ve also posted some single shots of the final group creations.

IMG_0013 (Copy) IMG_0021 (Copy) IMG_0028 (Copy) IMG_0031 (Copy) IMG_0038 (Copy)

Friday Fun

On Friday we had a lot of rain and rather severe thunderstorms. As a result Sport was cancelled. However, that didn’t stop us from getting some exercise. We cranked up the Let’s Dance tunes and had a dance off. We had a lot of fun. Check out the video to see our very cool moves!


Rhino Artworks

Students were simply given a theme – rhinos- and asked to create an artwork using whatever media they desired. I was really impressed by some of the imaginative ways students portrayed their rhinos and also touched by the ones who really focused on the tragedy of losing a war to save the species. We’d love some comments on our work!

Rhino Buddies

Lesedi is a cute stuffed rhino that has travelled all the way from South Africa to visit children all around the world in the hopes of raising awareness about the plight of the rhinoceros. In 5/6C we’ve been learning all about the rhinoceros and why they are critically endangered and hope to raise awareness and some money to donate to their cause. We have a page on the Travelling Rhinos project wiki and you can visit it here: The Junction PS Save the Rhinos page.

The Year 6 children also spread the word with Kindergarten students this week by reading them stories on the iPad, creating wordfoto images, colouring in and even drawing their own rhinos on the light boards. Check out photos from the morning as well as see what Lesedi gets up to when she visits the homes of the 5/6C students overnight!

Interactive Images using ThingLink

We’re up to Chapter 11 now in ‘The Thief Lord’ and we’ve noticed that Cornelia Funke (the author) refers to many real places in Venice throughout the novel. So we scanned back through the novel’s first 11 chapters and listed all of the place names mentioned. We then researched to find out which ones were real and which ones were fictional. Next we located the real places using Google maps and plotted them on a hard copy map of Venice. We then decided to turn that map into an interactive one using ThingLink. Thinglink allowed us to add markers to a map and add text, hyperlinks, images and videos to give more information about each of the locations. We also included the page number that the place is mentioned on from the novel. Here are some of our maps: