Skyping with Hawaii – International Dot Day

To celebrate International Dot Day our class connected with a class in Hawaii. Miss Chaffey met Ms Kurashige on Twitter as we were both looking for a school to connect with and celebrate International Dot Day with.

Once we were connected on Skype, the students from Hawaii tried to guess where we were from. It didn’t take them too long to guess we were from Australia (I think our accents gave it away), but it was a little harder to work out which city we were from. A little help from some coordinates and they got it.

We then shared some of our Dot Day artworks and asked each other a lot of questions about school life, culture, sport and local environment. 

We really enjoyed chatting to our Hawaiian friends and hope they join us on Edmodo soon!

Here is our Dot Day mosaic design made using corflute squares.


2 thoughts on “Skyping with Hawaii – International Dot Day

  1. I love Hawaii, it is one my favourite parts of the world. I think you should all ask Miss Chaffey to take you there.

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